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Pokkt Dashboard

InApp Notifications

Open developer dashboard -> Manage App -> Notifications

Create notifications

1. Basic notification information required.


  • Name: A friendly name for notification. It will help you to distinguish between different notifications.
  • App: Select your app for which you want to assign notifications.
  • Platform: Select OS platform for which you want to target notifications.
  • Countries: Select countries where this notifications will be shown to users. Let’s say if you have users in multiple countries, you can selectively target notifications to them.
  • App version: Enter your app version for which you want to show notifications. Let’s say you have multiple version installed among users and you want to send different notifications to different users based on their versions.
  • Last seen: Set minimum and maximum limit in days for which user can remain away from the app.

Let’s say if min = 2 and max = 4, and user hasn’t open your app for atleast 2 days, you can remind by showing notification, but if 4 days have passed app will not show any more notifications to user.

  • Message: Message you want to show in notifications bar.
  • Title: Title for the notification to be shown in notification bar.


2. Schedule notification

  • Daily


  • Weekly


  • Monthly