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DSP Platform

Login to Pokkt.com

Dashboard Page:

Here there will be graph for Datewise Report For Bidder as well as Performance data by Date and Country.

You can Select Bidder whose detail you want to see and Date Range.

Manage bidder.jpg

Manage Bidder:

Click on Dashboard -> Manage Bidder

Click on Create Bidder Button to Start Creating Bidder.

Create bidder.jpg

Create Bidder:

  1. Insert Bidder Title (Note : This will be unique title of your Bidder. You can use it later to search Bidder in Manage Bidder Page.)
  2. Select Ad Unit Type (Note : This will have values like Video, Banner, Interstitial etc.)
  3. Insert RTB Endpoint URL for Bidder (Note : RTB Endpoint to which Pokkt Exchange will make RTB Request)
  4. You can also add optional fields like Request per Second,Content Categories and Content Attributes.
  5. Add Targeting Profile By Clicking on New Targeting Button. After Creating Targeting Profile Select Targeting Profile in Bidder Creation page.

Edit bidder.jpg

Create Targeting:

  1. For Bidder Targeting Profile is needed to be created
  2. Go To Profile -> Manage Targeting to create Profile
  3. Click on + New Targeting Profile button to create targeting
  4. Here Profile name and operating system options are mandatory remaining are optional
  5. Please find below screenshot for help
    Edit targeting.jpg

    Edit targeting2.jpg

  6. You can click on Day Time Targeting Button to view targeting profile form for Day time Targeting
    Day targeting.jpg

Update General Details:

  1. Click on Settings -> Account to update general details if you want to
    Update details1.jpg

    Update details2.jpg

  2. You can change your user name and password from drop down on upper right corner
    Change username.jpg

    Change password.jpg