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POKKT is a mobile video advertising and monetization platform that offers real Rewards to users for availing Advertising Offers. POKKT helps it’s Publishers to significantly increase revenues by converting non-paying users into loyal transacting customers.

This document describes the technical integration guidelines for both, rewarded as well as non-rewarded video ad solution between POKKT’s "Video Ad Platform" and a Mobile Web (WAP) "Publisher". In essence, it entails the process that needs to be followed by the “Publisher” to integrate their services with POKKT’s “Video Ad Platform”, thereby allowing end-users to access additional functions and features that the “Publisher” wishes to provide them with.

Rewarded Video Ads

For the purpose of simplicity, we will consider an example of a Wi-Fi Service Provider as a specific type of Mobile Web (WAP) Publisher, that rewards users with free Wi-Fi time, after the user watches a video ad.

Sequence of events (Example only)

Sequence example.jpg

The above sequence diagram is only an example depicting a scenario where the Publisher is a Wi-Fi Service Provider that rewards End-Users with free Wi-Fi minutes in public places like airports, coffee shops etc. in exchange for completing an action. In this case, the action is watching a video ad, at the end of which, the Wi-Fi Service provider makes the service free for a limited period of time.

User Journey for above example

The above sequence diagrams takes you through the User and System journey for such an arrangement. Let’s briefly runthrough the above sequence of events in a real-life scenario:

  1. User connects to the Wi-Fi Service Provider’s (Publisher) open Wi-Fi connection using an Android or an iOS device
  2. Wi-Fi Service opens default landing page with an option for the user to watch a video and earn free Wi-Fi minutes
  3. User taps on Watch Video, following which the Wi-Fi Provider forwards the request to POKKT’s landing page while also passing a unique user ID (refer Request URI section below)
  4. POKKT’s ad platform fetches an appropriate video campaign and renders the HTML player on the User’s browser
  5. User is shown the video; He/she plays through the video and finishes playback
  6. POKKT’s player, during this time, will fire and record all the video events and will track video completion
  7. POKKT redirects to the Wi-Fi Provider’s success page indicating that the user with same unique ID, has finished watching the video
  8. Wi-Fi service provider validates the unique ID and rewards the user with free Wi-Fi minutes

Non-Rewarded Video Ads

The typical non-rewarded call flow for a Mobile Web (WAP) Publisher is also similar to the one depicted above, except that there is no reward at the end of the video playback. Instead the Publisher may choose to redirect the user to a different section of their mobile site as applicable in context of the Publisher site’s flow.

Kindly refer to the technical details below to integrate your Mobile Site to configure Rewarded and/or Non-Rewarded video ads based on your requirement.

Technical Details

Request URI

Depending on the user intent, a request needs to be sent to POKKT to initiate the video request. The Publisher herein is required to send a request to the below URI which in turn will render a landing page with a video ad.



Example [A] - Publisher shares Session ID

Example [B] - Publisher shares Session ID & Email ID


appId All POKKT Publishers will be allocated a unique App ID. This will be shared during integration 2ebeq73lac13dkdzuek39di47a9
format Ad medium indicator (for internal POKKT use) 1
encodedparams Allows Publisher to pass user related information viz. Unique ID, Session ID, Email ID etc. SESSION_ID%3D8499237802


  1. For any extra data to be added in to the call back URL, the Publisher needs to add all the parameters in encoded format to 'encodedparams' field
  2. You may choose to hash or encrypt the Unique IDs within before sending it in the URI

Success Post-back

Once the video playback is complete, POKKT will send a request back to the Publisher by passing values in the encodedparams parameter earlier passed, to a pre-defined URI provided by the Publisher.

For this purpose, the Publisher is required to share with POKKT, the Success URI wherein the logic for the next steps resides.

Find below an example of this URI

Example of a Success URI from a Publisher

POKKT will hit this URI, after which the Publisher can choose to take the user to the next step (in this case, reward the user with Free Wi-Fi minutes).

Failure Post-Back

If the user fails to complete the video view, POKKT can also share the information back to the Publisher with a failure notification on the same URI for further action or messages. This is optional and entirely based on whether the Publisher needs it.

Example of a Failure URI from a Publisher


Q: Is this solution meant for browser based integrations alone?
A: While the current solution is meant for browser based integrations, we can extend this to an app based integration

Q: How does video play on the user’s device?
A: POKKT uses its native HTML5 video player which compatible with iOS and Android operating platforms

Q: Does this solution support iOS video playback on Safari browser?
A: YES, our solution supports iOS as a platform. It must be noted that on iPhones, auto-play feature is disabled, so the user has to manually tap the play button on the player

Q: Does POKKT provide reports for successful video playbacks?
A: YES, POKKT provides a dashboard and all Publishers will have access to the dashboard and its reports

Q: If the user skips the video, will he/she be rewarded?
A: NO, The user is only rewarded when he/she completes the video playback (i.e. he/she watches the video’s full duration)

Q: Does POKKT’s Ad Platform capture video ad playback metrics?
A: YES, POKKT’s platform is compliant with IAB’s VAST guidelines and provides viewability metrics in the form of quartile reports