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MillennialMedia Pokkt Mediation

Last Update: 3rd April, 2019

Pokkt SDK version used: 7.5.0

MillennialMedia SDK version used: 6.8.2 (GDPR Compliance)

Download Latest Version Pokkt Mediation.


Step 1: Configure Pokkt Dashboard

  • Create account at
  • To use the Millennial Mediation please enter the following details on Pokkt Dashboard:

    MillenialMedia ios.jpg

  • Class Name (required):This is the class name that you define inside your application to set up the network. Classname for the network can be set during SDK integration. If you are using Pokkt’s default adaptors for mediation, then class name will be “MillennialNetwork” (you can simply copy-paste it without the quotes).
  • Screens (required):Here need to provide individual PlacementIdwhich was created in Millennial dashboard inside app. So first create Screenin Pokkt dashboard which will reflect here. Once screen has been created then provide placement id inside this field. This screen name will map with Placement id at run time. Provide your Millennial PlacementIdas a screen in Pokkt dashboard.
  • ECPM (required):Put your expected value of ECPM which will in turn rank this network in comparison to other configured networks.

Step2: Configuration in Application

  • Download the mediation project from POKKT and it is recommended to use the same class file MillennialNetworkin your project. And if you want to do some changes please do those changes in same file.
  • Add the MMAdSDK either as a standalone library file in libs folder.