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POKKT SDK v7.4.0 Integration Steps for Unreal Engine v4.15+

Download Latest Version Here

Last Update: 10th December, 2018

  1. Ensure that the project is a C++ project. A pure blueprint project is not supported at this moment.
  2. Put the “PokktAds” folder inside “Plugins” folder (create one if not there already) of your project directory.

    Plugin folder.png

  3. Restart the Editor to force-build the plugin and to open your project. Once successfully built, PokktAds Plugin should have been added to your project.


  4. Open a desired Actor in blueprint editor and add “Pokkt Ads” component to it. You should be able to notice all the SDK events. You can then subscribe to these events.

    Pk ads comnt.png

  5. You can enable on Pokkt SDK debug mode with “Should Debug” function, make sure to set it to false before final release.
  6. Now, first and foremost, ensure that you have set Pokkt configuration using “Set Pokkt Config” function. Any other calls to SDK’s APIs will fail if this is not set.

    Pk config.png

  7. Set GDPR consent in Pokkt SDK. This must be called before calling any ad related API. Developers/Publishers must get the consent from user. For more information on GDPR please refer https://www.eugdpr.org/ and https://www.eugdpr.org/gdprfaqs. html. This API can again be used by publishers to revoke the consent. If this API is not called or invalid data provided, then SDK will access the user’s personal data for ad targeting.
    GDPR Step 1:

    Ur gdpr a.png

    GDPR Step 2:

    Ur gdpr b.png

  8. You are now ready to cache/show Pokkt Ads. Simply make call to required API functions.

    Pk ads show a.png

    Pk ads show b.png